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September 2019

Extatic Zoo - Solo show at Art Rooms Kings Heath, with elecro acoustic performancees from Scott Wilson and Cities Prepare for Attack. In conjunction with Birmingham Electro Acoustic Sound Theatre (BEAST)







December 2021     Artefact Gallery Winter Show

September 2021     Summer Exhibition 2021 (Shortlisted) - Royal Academy of Arts


July 2019                 Birmingham Printmakers at Winterbourne House Art Gallery


June2019                 Summer Exhibition 2019 (Shortlisted) - Royal Academy of Arts


January 2019           Birmingham Printmakers at the Birmingham & Midland Institute


September 2018     Weird Science exhibition and book launch : Artefact Gallery


September 2018     Three Studios - Jubilee Showcase Gallery


August 2018            Birmingham Open Studios Exhibition: Jubilee Showcase Gallery




2022                       Wrong Doing Magazine

2021                       46 Pages Magazine -  Fantasy and Reason, an illustrated essay                                                                 on Jorge Louis Borges.


2018                       Weird Science - a book of Risograph prints published by the Holodeck

As a freelance graphic artist Remee is currently taking on commissions and is open to collaboration with both artists and gallerys

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